Career Prep High School Programs Overview

Explore Career Prep High School's tailored programs for ages 14-21, designed for both traditional learning and career-life balance.
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Career Prep High School Programs Overview

Explore Career Prep High School's tailored programs for ages 14-21, designed for both traditional learning and career-life balance.
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Career Prep High School Programs Overview

  • May 31, 2024
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Career Prep High School offers 3 distinct educational tracks tailored to meet the diverse needs and life circumstances of our students. Each program is designed to provide flexible, supportive learning environments that help students succeed academically and prepare for their careers.

The first program is a traditional high school program meant for students ages 14-21 years old. The second program is designed to better accommodate a career & life balance for students ages 18-21. The third program is the adult diploma program meant for students who are ages 22+.

Traditional High School Diploma Program (Ages 14-21)

This program offers a conventional classroom experience with structured schedules, providing face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers. It's ideal for younger students who benefit from direct guidance and a more hands-on learning environment. This is what you would consider a “traditional” high school experience. Students are on-campus learning from professors and interacting with their peers. They take tests in class, complete homework assignments on a deadline, and attend in-person classes.


  • This program enables students to receive hands-on mentorship and guidance through the curriculum to ensure they are learning and progressing.
  • The student has access to more support and resources from an in-class environment that is designed to help them succeed.
  • These students benefit from opportunities for social interaction and extracurricular involvement.


  • The traditional high school experience is less flexible for a student's schedule. This can be challenging for students with significant work commitments or family responsibilities.
  • This program also requires students to commute to school daily, which can present significant challenges for some.

18-21 year old Competency Pilot Program (Ages 18-21)

Career Prep is dedicated to giving students all the resources they need to succeed in school and in life after high school. For students ages 18-21 there are often a variety of circumstances and needs. Some can attend class and receive in-person teaching while others cannot.

This option for completing class coursework outside of the classroom has previously only been available to students aged 22+. Career Prep is now allowing students ages 18-21 to have the option of completing their required assignments through in-person instruction per the “Traditional High School” option or the “22+ Adult Diploma Program” which does not require in-class participation as outlined above. 

This program caters to students aged 18 to 21 and is available only if the student falls in that age range. During these ages, students sometimes have career responsibilities that make traditional high school more challenging. Rather than not completing high school, Career Prep High School is actively working to provide these students with a way to complete their education. Due to life circumstances, these students have often fallen behind in school and need to be able to make up the work without being able to attend classes.

This class is a fully remote option, where students have access to educational materials for the required topics of the curriculum and then are able to complete the homework and turn it in at their own pace.

22+ Adult Diploma Program (Ages 22+)

Completing high school the traditional way (which encompasses both of the previously mentioned programs) and passing the Adult Diploma program are all valid paths to obtaining essential educational credentials, but they offer different experiences and benefits. This is a very similar option to the previously mentioned “18-21 year old Competency Pilot Program” 

For this program, all classes and credits can be completed entirely online, with the exception of state testing, which must be done in-person at a testing location. Career Prep is dedicated to doing all that we can to give students the best chances of succeeding. 

While other programs are geared towards educating teenagers and young adults, the 22+ program is designed to accommodate adult students. The instruction is based on adult learning principles, such as competency-based education, to provide a tailored experience for students in this program.


  • More flexible study schedule, allowing students to work at their own pace or manage other life responsibilities.
  • Can be completed in a shorter time frame, which is beneficial for those who are eager to enter the workforce or higher education sooner.
  • Provides an opportunity for individuals who were unable to complete traditional high school due to various life circumstances.
  • Can study from home or through various adult education centers, which might be more accessible for some individuals.


  • This program allows a lot of freedom for students, but that also means you won't often talk directly with teachers. This means that students need to be self-disciplined and good at managing your time to do well in this program.
  • You won't get as many chances to interact with other students or participate in activities that you would find in regular schools.
  • Instead of learning directly from teachers like in a traditional high school, students in this program must study from texts (often referred to as “packets”) and finish their assignments independently.
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Choosing the Right Program

When deciding between the traditional 14-21 age high school diploma program, the 18-21 year old Competency Pilot Program, or the 22+ adult diploma program, consider your personal circumstances, educational needs, and career goals. Younger students typically thrive in the structured environment of the traditional 14-21 age program, while older students with more complex life situations may find the flexibility of the 18-21 or 22+ program. If a student is able to attend high school in the traditional way, this is ideal. We encourage all students to attend Career Prep High School and benefit from our hands-on staff who are dedicated to our students' success and excellence.

Regardless of your circumstances, Career Prep High School is specifically designed to help students overcome the barriers in their personal and academic lives to be able to complete their high school education while also gaining valuable skills to give them the best chance of success for the rest of their lives.

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